The FAVN form and payment slip from now on can be filled online, i.e. directly from Pasteur Institute website. After completing the form, on your e-mail will be sent a copy of the completed form as a PDF file. Print, sign, and authenticate the form, then send it with the sample marked with the number of microchip. In the future, it will still be possible to send manually filled requests, however, we encourage you to accept a new way to fill in the form. For all information, you can call 021 420-528


If the tick is removed in another institution, for further analysis it is recommended to deliver ticks packed with damp wool or gauze in the reception of the ambulance for the Lyme borreliosis and other Tick-borne diseases of Pasteur Institute Novi Sad, or report personally if the tick has not been removed. In order to do the analysis of the ticks,  it is NOT NECESSARY for tick be alive. For all information, you can call 021 420-528

Ambulance for Rabies Prevention


Patient reception is from 7:30 to 14:30  (Monday – Friday). In case of injures that are consequence of contact with animals, patients should report to their General Practitioner or to Emergency medical service.

For information regarding possible vaccination against Rabies please call:

FAVN test


Within the Serology Laboratory of Department of Microbiology, the determination of the titre of neutralizing specific anti-rabies virus by the FAVN method is performed.



Continuous medical education held for first time at the Memorial House of the founder of the Pasteur Institute Dr. Adolf Hempt

In the goal of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of medical doctors, medical technicians, nurses ...

Delegation of Pasteur Institute on 10th Balkans congress of microbiology MICROBILOGIA BALKANICA 2017

Microbiologia Balkanica represents traditional scientific and educational manifestation where microbiology experts from the countries of Balkan meet to exchange the ...

Публикације и научни радови Пастеровог завода…




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The founder and first director was Dr. Adolf Hempt, whose rabies vaccine was used in most European countries, until the mid-eighties of the last century.

Pasteur Institute in Novi Sad was founded in 1921.