Delegation of Pasteur Institute on 10th Balkans congress of microbiology MICROBILOGIA BALKANICA 2017

Microbiologia Balkanica represents traditional scientific and educational manifestation where microbiology experts from the countries of Balkan meet to exchange the latest information from their professional and scientific researches. This year’s gathering took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 16th to 18th November, organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Microbiology “ Stefan Angelov“ under the auspices of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) and Balkan Society for Microbiology. In order to maintain high quality healthcare and research activity, the delegation of Pasteur Institute Novi Sad, represented by Dušan Lalošević MD PhD, Dragana Vujin MSc in Biology, Milan Miljević MSc in Biology and Pavle Banović MD took participation on this congress. As an active participants, Dušan Lalošević held a lecture on the current laboratory diagnostics of tissue helminthic zoonoses in Serbia, while Milan Miljević presented the results of the study on the topic – The geographical distribution and prevalence of Echinococcus multilocularis in red foxes and jackals in the Vojvodina, Serbia.

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