Lyme borreliosis and other
tick-borne dieases


In Lyme borreliosis Outpatient Clinic a complete approach is carried out via unification of clinical examination of the patient, diagnostic procedures, removal of ticks from patients, as well as analysis on the tick itself, according to the scheme implemented by reference centers for Lyme borreliosis around the world.

Pasteur Institute Novi Sad is a institution in which the multidisciplinary team of experts implement health care according to the One Health principle, in order to achieve protection from Lyme borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases.

If the tick is removed from the patient’s skin in another institution, for further analysis it is necessary to deliver packed ticks to Lyme borreliosis Outpatient Clinic during working hours. The tick DOES NOT NEED be alive to perform the analysis on it.

The time of tick reception is on working days, from 7:30 to 14:30 .

If you have been bitten by tick or feel any problems that you think might be associated with Lyme borreliosis or other tick-borne diseases you can contact us by phone 021/66-11-003 | 021/420-528  or come to Pasteur Institute personally.

Patient reception is performed every working day from 7:30 to 14:30.